For veterans and people who love them

500 Miles

Runtime: 37 minutes

Release Date: 2017

Directed By: Josh Fletcher

On January 3, 2017, Heroes and Horses (a non-profit veteran rehabilitation program headed up by founder, Micah Fink) embarked on the first stage of what will be a 500-mile horse packing journey. They traveled to Burns, Oregon, where they adopted 15 wild mustangs from the Oregon BLM Wild Horse Corrals. They will take these horses and put them through a rigorous gentling process in hopes of being able to integrate them into their upcoming Heroes and Horses "3-phase" program, where they will be paired up with veterans searching for purpose and clarity. 500 Miles documents the amazing progression of these horses as they transition into their new lives while finding a new purpose, and helping those striving to do the same. You can learn more about Heroes and Horses at:

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