For veterans and people who love them

The Enemy Strikes

Runtime: 10 minutes

Release Date: 1945

Directed By: Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer

Scope & Content: Documents the German counterattack in Belgium in Dec. 1944 (the Battle of the Bulge). Warns against complacence in the closing months of the war. Uses U.S. and German films to show the activities of the respective troops. Shows burning and wrecked U.S. equipment, dead and wounded soldiers, and U.S. soldiers and Belgian citizens massacred at Malmedy. Explains the costliness in men and materiel of such counter offensives. Emphasizes Germany's willingness to sacrifice everything to stave off defeat. Gen. Eisenhower talks with soldiers. Concludes with a Treasury Department trailer urging the purchase of war bonds. National Archives

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