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The Stoner Machine Gun

Runtime: 32 minutes

Release Date: 1991

Directed By: Dennis J. Cummings

The Stoner Machinegun: A Navy Seal Remembers While not a product of the 80's, this documentary produced during the 1990's is an interview with Retired LT. CME. Michael J. Walsh about Stoner 63 weapons system used with by the Navy Seals in Vietnam. The video shows an impressive firepower demo of the Stoner 63 in a few of it's different configurations. While there is a wide range of information about the Stoner 63 available, this video chronicles the development of the weapons system throughout part of the Vietnam war through the eyes of LT. Walsh. The video covers the developments made by Cadillac Gauge for the weapon, the development of the "dead man's pin" and various ammunition feeding systems. For more 80's era advertising and videos visit Arms of the 80's,

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