For veterans and people who love them



Co-Founder and CEO Joe Ramirez has been co-founding and managing private businesses for over 20 years.  As a visionary, Mr. Ramirez likes to spend his energy in front of industry trends in new projects.  After realizing a lacking for an independent channel dedicated to a variety of streaming content from all genres for Veterans, Mr. Ramirez along with his partner started VetStreamTV.  Since getting out of the United States Marines in 1994, he has started several companies and as CEO, built them into multi-million dollar enterprises.      

In 2015, Joe Ramirez sold his majority interest in the security ventures to embark on a spiritual venture dear to his heart: he and his wife planted a church, Revive LA.  The church reaches out to people from all walks of life and many attendees are from the entertainment industry.  Being entrepreneur minded, Joe bought the theater company they were renting from and now, Mr. Ramirez runs a theater and has renamed the space to Revive Theater.

Mr. Ramirez is a MBA graduate, pastor, leader, husband, father and enjoys playing guitar on Sundays.  He also is a public speaker and volunteers his time in recovery homes.  He has a wife and two daughters and without them, Mr. Ramirez claims he would be without focus.  Through his family, he has discovered faith, meaning, calling and real purpose.

Co-Founder and President LaVonne McIver James spent over ten years as a public relations professional for top New York City agencies including Hill & Knowlton and Edelman PR where her specialty was hi-tech media relations. As a PR pro, she consistently booked her clients with top media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, and CNBC.

She developed  a fascination of the veteran experience from listening to her Great Uncle John who served in WWII. His love of and devotion to America resonated through his stories and served as a rich foundation for LaVonne’s appreciation of the veteran experience.  Her father,  a veteran and an avid storyteller, helped to increase her interest.

An admitted movie addict, she is the founding executive director of The Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival, the only film festival in the world devoted to celebrating church-produced films.

She earned a Master’s Degree in communications from Rowan University. LaVonne resides in Northern New Jersey with her husband and their  two children.