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Joe Ramirez

Santa Monica Start Up Offers Veterans a Unique Entertainment Experience

Santa Monica, Ca. April 27, 2017—Announced today, VetStreamTV, a new streaming entertainment platform for veterans and their families.  VetStreamTV targets the estimated 133 million people in the military community who have an estimated 1.5 trillion in buying power

“As a former Marine, I was starved for content that spoke to my military experience,” said Joe Ramirez, Co-founder and CEO of VetStreamTV. “My vision is to create a one-stop location for veteran content that will entertain, inspire, and educate the veteran population and their families.”

The VetStreamTV mission is simple: Provide the world’s first and best comprehensive media outlet for veterans and their loved ones. VetStreamTV will offer feature films, exclusive one-time events, television series,’ documentaries, news, and comedies. The VetStreamTV catalog will also include short films, episodic shows, talk shows, family entertainment, career assistance content, and medical information.

VetStreamTV will offer a service that provides high-quality content on a budget-friendly platform that benefits veterans, filmmakers and subscribers wherever internet is available.